The Minecraft Alex, Steve, and Friends deck contains 100 cards, and it has 10 Pokémon. 5 of those are Alex, while 5 are Steve.

Cards Edit

Minecraft Alex x5

Minecraft Steve x5

Fire Energy x20

Water Energy x10

Leather Armor x5

Gold Armor x4

Chainmail Armor x3

Iron Armor x2

Diamond Armor

Iron Golem x2

Snow Golem x2

Minecraft Cat x2

Minecraft Dog x2

Minecraft Horse x2

Gold Sword x2

Gold Axe x2

Wood Sword x2

Wood Axe x2

Stone Sword x2

Stone Axe x2

Iron Sword

Iron Axe

Diamond Sword

Diamond Axe

Lava Bucket x3

Water Bucket x3

Flint and Steel x3

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