Theres currently no normal art for this EX card.

Litwick-EX is an EX card and part of Ninja Power.

Card Edit

This card is a powerful litwick card with 2 skill-discarding powers!

The First Attack is Flame Dungeon. You will have to discard all Ghost Energy (Special Ghost Energy cannot be discarded so it wont count) but for each energy, You put 20 damage on the Defending Pokémon!

The Second Attack is a lot stronger - Type Flamethrower deals 30 damage normally, But here is the point - If the Defending Pokémon is an EX, It loses a energy, AND EVEN MORE - For each Bug, Grass, Or Lightning Energy, You gain 10+ damage! (Hidden: It looks like its EX only, But secretly its also for normal Pokémon)

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